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Decreasing coastal cloud cover in Southern California increases the chance of bigger and more intense wildfires, research shows. According to the new study, a combination of intensifying urbanization and a warming climate are driving up summer temperatures and driving off once-common low-lying morning clouds in many southern coastal areas ofContinue Reading

People in the United States have hugely exaggerated ideas about how much their home states helped to write the nation’s narrative, research on “collective narcissism” finds. “Our study shows a massive narcissistic bias in the way that people from the United States remember the contributions of their home states toContinue Reading

In a new study, researchers found that citizen complaints of lower management wrongdoing in one Chinese city were routinely concealed from senior authorities. When Chinese President Xi Jinping took office in 2012, he launched the most extensive anti-corruption drive since Maoist rule in China. For many in the country, theContinue Reading

Prescription drug monitoring programs in Kentucky, New Mexico, Tennessee, and New York have significantly reduced opioid dosages and the number of opioid fills, according to a new study. While most states currently have prescription drug monitoring programs, not all are created equal, says Rebecca Haffajee, assistant professor of health managementContinue Reading

There are 92 countries which lack national policies ensuring that new fathers get adequate paid time off, to spend with their newborn babies. “Positive and meaningful interaction with mothers and fathers from the very beginning, helps to shape children’s brain growth and development for life, making them healthier and happier,Continue Reading

“The facts are clear.  Our oceans are a mess,” said António Guterres at an outreach event, that was part of the Group of Seven – or G7 – Summit of industrialized nations, taking place over two days, in Charlevoix, Canada. The G7 group of advanced economies, consists of Canada, France,Continue Reading

Blame for the gender wage gap in the United States shouldn’t fall on women, report researchers. In a review paper, they draw on existing psychological research to highlight myths regarding the gap between men and women and to offer possible explanations for why it exists. Mikki Hebl, chair of psychologyContinue Reading

A recent outbreak in South India has renewed interest in Nipah virus, a disease with no vaccine or cure that generally spreads from bats or pigs to humans and kills nearly three-quarters of those infected. The virus, discovered 20 years ago, has so far killed 11 people in the currentContinue Reading