Argonne scientists used Mira to identify and improve a new mechanism for eliminating friction, which fed into the development of a hybrid material that exhibited superlubricity at the macroscale for the first time. Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) researchers helped enable the groundbreaking simulations by overcoming a performance bottleneck thatContinue Reading

Compared to its celestial neighbours Venus and Mars, Earth is a pretty habitable place. So how did we get so lucky? A new study sheds light on the improbable evolutionary path that enabled Earth to sustain life. The research, published this week in Nature Geoscience, suggests that Earth’s first crust,Continue Reading

Galaxies in a cluster roughly 300 million light years from Earth could contain as much as 100 times more dark matter than visible matter, according to an Australian study. The research, published today, used powerful computer simulations to study galaxies that have fallen into the Coma Cluster, one of theContinue Reading

Failed galaxy

For a galaxy, a lifespan of just a billion years y simply a failure. But if cars fail, men fail, countries fail and even entire planets fail, why a galaxy couldn’t fail too? A group of australian scientist discovered four galaxies which are doing it really bad and, as theyContinue Reading

Sleep apnea

Scientists found a nexus between apnea and diabetes bigger than expected because they discovered that due to the lack of oxygen, the brain sends to the body a wrong signal to collect more nutrients and thus increases the appetite. And even worse, this sleep disorder can not only cause diabetesContinue Reading

Polar bear

Polar bears are at serious risk. As their habitat is a constantly changing terrain between ice and thaw, the rising temperatures make disappear the sources of food. In a short period of time, reproduction will be harder and the total population will decrease toward a final extinction. A quarter ofContinue Reading

Women in athletics

The less mediatic coverage of the female sports made think some scientists that discrimination could affect women’s performance in sports in the same way that black athletes did not shine in actual sports until the discrimination by race has dissappeared. Kaskan and Ho looked at how pervasive small subtle biasesContinue Reading