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Researchers have developed a way to prove the authenticity of a 3D-printed part by employing QR codes for unique device identification. The worldwide market for 3D-printed parts is a $5 billion business with a global supply chain involving the internet, email, and the cloud—creating a number of opportunities for counterfeitingContinue Reading

It’s possible to use ordinary WiFi to detect weapons, bombs, and explosive chemicals in bags at places like stadiums, theme parks, schools, and other public venues, research shows. The researchers’ suspicious object detection system is easy to set up, reduces security screening costs, and avoids invading privacy such as whenContinue Reading

A newly discovered processor vulnerability could potentially put secure information at risk in any Intel-based PC manufactured since 2008. It could affect users who rely on a digital lockbox feature known as Intel Software Guard Extensions, or SGX, as well as those who use common cloud-based services. “As long asContinue Reading

Researchers have devised a new type of artificially intelligent camera system that can classify images faster and more energy-efficiently. The image recognition technology that underlies today’s autonomous cars and aerial drones depends on artificial intelligence: the computers essentially teach themselves to recognize objects like a dog, a pedestrian crossing theContinue Reading

Condensation on a can of beer or soda provides more heat than the surrounding air, which means humid weather warms up your drink more than twice as much as dry heat does. “Probably the most important thing a beer koozie does is not simply insulate the can, but keep condensationContinue Reading

You can now see some of the world’s most admired ancient artifacts and sculptures in 3D from home. A new website contains over 300 digitized sculptures and fragments from the collection of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. The Uffizi Gallery, adjacent to the Piazza della Signoria in central Florence,Continue Reading

To predict when rush hour traffic is likely to grind to a halt, a new study suggests it may be more effective to examine how people use electricity during the night, instead of travel-time data. By analyzing household electricity use in Austin, Texas, researchers were able to predict when morningContinue Reading