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New research sheds light on why computers are so bad at a class of tasks that even young children have no problem with: determining whether two objects in an image are the same or different. “There’s a lot of excitement about what computer vision has been able to achieve…” ComputerContinue Reading

Scientists think they know what bats are doing with genetic material they stole some 18 million years ago from an ancient virus related to Ebola. The swiped genetic sequence—a gene called VP35— has remained largely intact in the bats despite the passage of time, with few changes since it wasContinue Reading

Ultra-bright galaxies in the early universe may be less common than scientists initially thought, according to new research. Researchers used the Hubble Space Telescope to observe two galaxies thought to be so distant that we see them more than 13 billion years back in time when the universe was young.Continue Reading

Donald Trump and Planned Parenthood are the top recent advertisers and young men were targeted most often, according to a new analysis of Facebook and Instagram political advertising. “We wanted to quickly give voters easy tools to understand who is advertising and what they are advertising…” Using complex data scrapingContinue Reading

Researchers have developed a new fabrication method that makes tiny, thin-film electronic circuits peelable from a surface. The new technique allows any object to sense its environment or be controlled through the application of a high-tech sticker, and also eliminates several manufacturing steps and the associated costs. Our connected worldContinue Reading

Researchers have created a model to predict which civil online conversations might take a turn and derail. After analyzing hundreds of exchanges between Wikipedia editors, the researchers developed a computer program that scans for warning signs in participants’ language at the start of a conversation—such as repeated, direct questioning orContinue Reading

Researchers have created an artificial intelligence system for predicting, not simply tracking, potential side effects from drug combinations. Last month alone, 23 percent of Americans took two or more prescription drugs, according to one CDC estimate. Furthermore, 39 percent over age 65 take five or more, a number that’s increasedContinue Reading

People tend to feel online harassment is deserved and justified when the person on the receiving end commits an offense, even when participants agree that harassing behavior is not appropriate in principle, a new study shows. The severity of the offense doesn’t alter the perception that retributive harassment—a controversial formContinue Reading

When strong winds or gust fronts pick up fine particles and dirt, a thick wall of dust can result, moving over land and across the water, leaving destruction in its wake. These dust storms often form quickly, making preparation difficult. Having disaster recovery services in place before there is aContinue Reading

Researchers are working on a “brain password” system that could let you unlock your phone with your brainwaves—or your reaction to a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio. “Like a password, it’s easy to reset; and like a biometric, it’s easy to use.” To overcome password fatigue, many smartphones include facial recognition,Continue Reading