Caltrans zipper

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is testing an interesting machine to move the lanes in the commuting highways and although it works slowly (just 5 mph.) the extra channel is highly appreciated by the users who find an extra lane whether they go to the downtown or are tryingContinue Reading

OUYA console

2014 was certainly a big year for technology. Whether it was Apple’s decision to release their new concept iBeats phone, or even more controversially, their ‘bendy’ iPhone 6, some of the most innovative pieces were released into the zeitgeist last year. These radical new inventions helped to revolutionise a multitudeContinue Reading

Apple app store

Days of wine and roses in Cupertino. While iPad a Mac computers sales run smoothly, the new iPhone 6 gains market share and takes around 40% of the market. This success comes with another one which makes probably even more happy to the bitten fruit boys: the sales on theContinue Reading