Researchers are working on a “brain password” system that could let you unlock your phone with your brainwaves—or your reaction to a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio. “Like a password, it’s easy to reset; and like a biometric, it’s easy to use.” To overcome password fatigue, many smartphones include facial recognition,Continue Reading

Mounting evidence that social media-friendly “fake news” may have shaped the outcome of the 2016 election has strengthened the conviction of some that US politics are uniquely and newly broken. “That’s the cool thing about science. When you’re watching the news and freaking out, one thing you can do isContinue Reading

  Human eyes aren’t particularly adept at distinguishing colors or seeing in dim light, when compared to those of many other animals. But when it comes visual acuity, we’re able to see fine details that most animals can’t, researchers say. For a new study of animal vision, which appears inContinue Reading

Researchers have teamed up with the New York City Police Department’s Financial Crimes Task Force to deploy the “Skim Reaper,” a device that instantly detects the presence of a credit card skimmer, allowing law enforcement and merchants to take action before the theft of card’s data. Credit card skimmers areContinue Reading

Researchers have created a chip that deploys ionic memristor technology to solve the digital problem of security with an analog memory hardware solution. While we embrace the way the Internet of Things already is making our lives more streamlined and convenient, the cybersecurity risk posed by millions of wirelessly connectedContinue Reading

  Apps for kids that encourage interactions between parents and their children can offer the same benefits to developing minds as analog toys do, according to a new study. The average preschooler watches more than three hours of TV, film, and other video programming each day. “I want to armContinue Reading

Sports stats software

  New software called Cherrypick is the first capable of automatically analyzing volleyball matches and providing analytics about the game just an hour later. The software will allow coaches to make data-driven decisions based on player activity and tailor their coaching to specific situations. It allows coaches to record aContinue Reading