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This summer, European citizens will enjoy more digital rights than ever before. Following the end of roaming charges across the European Union last year, holidaymakers can now travel with their online TV, film, sports, music or e-book subscriptions at no extra cost. In addition, everyone across Europe can enjoy world-classContinue Reading

People like to go on trips so that they can explore the beauty of the world. Some international destinations receive a lot of limelight whereas some remain as hidden gems. Spain has always been a famous tourist destination. Its natural beauty and the distinct culture have always appealed to people.Continue Reading

Renting a bus for a trip is a more practical option especially if you are travelling in large groups. It is better than using public transportation. You don’t have to wait for the scheduled trip or be with other people outside your group. It might seem like an expensive choiceContinue Reading

Purchasing the right kind of backpack nowadays can seem like a truly daunting task, and that’s because there are many options to consider. The variety of products available out there doesn’t turn your decision-making process into something easy, either, as we couldn’t help noticing that the market seems to beContinue Reading

Tent selection is not something you want to stuff up. This piece of equipment is responsible for keeping you safe and comfortable so make sure you don’t rush your decision. The tips below can help you select the right model so that your trip turns out to be a success.Continue Reading

A new study assesses rates and routes of possible infectious disease transmission during flights. An infectious passenger with influenza or other droplet-transmitted respiratory infection will most likely not transmit infection to passengers seated farther away than two seats laterally and one row in front or back on an aircraft, theContinue Reading

It might be a reluctance for a repetition of that boring package holiday, or just a yearning for something different, but many UK citizens are Googling “online holiday experiences, UK” looking for a tailored solution that fits with their demanding lifestyle. A few days canoeing in the Lake District, orContinue Reading

Camping in the UK is a great option as there are plenty of places to go and enjoy yourself with friends and family. You can camp in a variety of ways, with tents, RVs, cabins or in a hammock under the stars. But the best part about camping to someContinue Reading