In the event of you not being geared up, pre-holiday anxiety can be the cause of you forgetting even the most apparent and key items. Thus, for helping those jetting off shortly, we’ve composed this practical checklist to ensure that you’ve the whole lot covered. Take your passport out andContinue Reading

Going on holiday doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are plenty of ways that you can be sure to cut back on holiday expenses to have a better time, so you’re not worrying about your bank account while you’re away. Travelling close to home, particularly in Europe, is anContinue Reading

This summer holiday why not take a trip to Europe with your family. Europe is famous for so many historical sights and world-class museums, parks and beaches. Choosing the right place for a holiday can be difficult, but in general Europe is a very much family orientated place and thereContinue Reading

Charleston is one of my favorite cities to visit, especially in the spring when all the flowers are in bloom. Summerville and Charleston, South Carolina, are underrated as tourist destinations, but many people still find them. Spring is the best time to visit because the flowers make this attractive cityContinue Reading

The genomes of two distinct strains of the virus that causes the common lip cold sore, herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), have been identified within an individual person — an achievement that could be useful to forensic scientists for tracing a person’s history. The research also opens the doorContinue Reading

Picture this: a ruined castle sitting atop a rugged coastline, an old distillery bursting with history, and a rope bridge passing over a deep quarry featured in the popular HBO TV show, “Game of Thrones.” These three images may sound disparate, but they are, in fact, all features of theContinue Reading

Ever since human beings first began climbing the world’s tallest mountains, they have struggled with a basic problem: altitude sickness, caused by lower air pressures which affect the ability of our bodies to take up oxygen. Or, as actor Jason Clarke says in his role as the climbing guide RobContinue Reading