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The largest active fire in the U.S. is so large that it cannot be stopped until October


The largest of the dozens of active fires in the United States has reached such large dimensions that it even generates its own weather conditions, making the work of firefighters difficult, authorities reported Tuesday.

The fire baptized as “Bootleg”, in the southeast of the state of Oregon near the border with California, has already burned more than 157,000 hectares since it was declared in early July, has destroyed 117 human constructions and has more than 2,000 firefighters fighting the flames.

“The fire is so large and generating so much energy and extreme heat that it is changing weather conditions,” Oregon Department of Forestry spokesman Marcus Kauffman told reporters Tuesday.

“Normally, the weather situation predicts what the fire will do. In this case, it’s the fire predicting what the weather will do,” he said.

Only fires of titanic dimensions such as this one are capable of affecting the weather, something that complicates firefighting tasks even more, as it is not possible to predict what the evolution of the flames will be in the short term.

The images taken by satellites on Tuesday showed a gigantic column of smoke that, from southeastern Oregon, moved northward until it reached the Canadian border, about 1,000 kilometers away.

The fire affects a mountainous and vegetated area in the Fremont-Winema National Forest and firefighters do not expect to have it fully contained until early October.

Its proximity to a high-voltage power transmission line that connects the California and Oregon grids has led authorities to ask consumers on several occasions over the past few days to reduce electricity consumption as much as possible to avoid overloading the line and worsening the situation.

In addition to the one in Oregon, another 80 large fires are burning in various parts of the western United States, several of them in California, where extreme drought after a winter with hardly any rain and high temperatures in recent weeks have brought the fire season forward by several months.

Why do you need professional crawl space maintenance?


Improper care of a crawl space can cause major problems for you and your entire home and end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. When you neglect your crawl space for a long time, it can cause problems that will only get worse over time and cost you a lot more money in the end. Hiring professional contractors for crawl space repair Cincinnati can help ensure your safety and your comfort for years to come.

Crawl Space Repairing Problems:

Proving that there are moisture problems in your crawl space is not enough to proof your home that the problem exists. You must be able to prove that the moisture levels in your crawl space are getting worse and that they are being caused by pest infestation. A moist environment will attract pests and mold spores, which will ultimately cause problems for your health and the safety of your family. In mildew and mold, mildew growths will grow into cracks and crevices of your walls, ceilings, and floors. This can create health risks and allergic reactions for your family members.

Crawl space


Professional crawl space maintenance professionals in Cincinnati will have the necessary equipment and knowledge to detect the presence of mold and mildew growths and will be able to safely deodorize and neutralize the mold and mildew for you. They can also inspect your walls, floors, windows, and ceilings for damage due to moisture or mold growth. Professional contractors for crawl space in Cincinnati can also make necessary repairs to your heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems, and the electrical wiring in your home.

Air Quality:

If you or one of your family members suffer from asthma, you know how detrimental poor indoor air quality can be. When there is poor indoor air quality, your family’s immune system becomes weakened. By making sure that your crawl space is properly sealed, and if possible, having clean air quality throughout the home, you will protect your family from dangerous allergens and toxins.

Mold and mildew growths can make asthma and allergies worse, so it is important to have crawl space maintenance in your home if you have either one or the other. By eliminating the mold and mildew growths in your crawl space floor, you will be protecting your family’s health and well-being.

Crawl Space Encapsulation:

Crawl space encapsulation maintenance in Cincinnati offers many benefits, including the reduction of your energy bills, a decrease in noise, and safer home for you and your family. When you hire a professional contractor for encapsulation maintenance in Cincinnati, they will create an airtight barrier between the earth and the interior wall framing. This will ensure that no air can escape, which will prevent moisture from penetrating the wall cavities. Having drywall also prevents insulation problems.

Not only do pest problems create a threat to the health and safety of your family, but they can also affect your homeowner’s total home performance. Many pests can enter your crawl space via the foundation or walls, so the most effective way to rid your property of rodents and insects is to eliminate their habitats. A pest control company can make all of the necessary infestation treatments to ensure that your home is safe from mice, ants, and other rodents and that the air quality in your basement is improved. Once you have eliminated any mice or rodents that may be in your crawl space, then you can rest easy knowing that your heating and cooling systems will be able to provide you with safe, comfortable living.

What are the possible causes of the building collapse in Miami?


At 2:00 a.m. Miami time, a 12-story building located in the Surfside vacation area collapsed leaving one person officially confirmed dead, although local media already put the death toll at at least 3, 99 missing and 35 people rescued alive. The causes of the collapse are still unknown.

The authorities have ruled out that the collapse of the building in Miami was a terrorist attack. So far what has been confirmed is that the roof of the building in question was under construction. In addition, it is known that the entire block was being supervised and that renovations were needed.

The building that collapsed was built in 1981 and on the plot next door another block was being built, but at the moment it is not possible to say if this was the trigger for the tragic event. Police and firefighters are working around the clock to try to rescue survivors from the rubble, such as the child who has been found alive and has been able to get out on his own feet.

The mayor of Surfside, Charles W. Burkett, expressed to the media his astonishment at what happened: “This kind of thing does not happen in the United States”. In the county where the building collapsed, construction standards are very demanding due to hurricanes, in fact there are several neighbors who admitted that at first they thought it was an earthquake.

Burkett told local media that such a collapse “is less likely than a lightning strike”.

Get protection against hydrostatic pressure and mold growth with basement waterproofing


Basement waterproofing is something most homeowners don’t think about until it’s way too late to save a house. When there’s a severe weather event or the ground gets really wet, your basement floods, and the damage is extensive. Even if you are lucky enough to escape, you still run the risk of damage to electrical equipment, piping, ceilings and walls, and even crawlspace. All of this can be extremely expensive and time-consuming to repair.

A Cost-Effective Repair

Basement waterproofing is much more affordable than you might think. Many companies will perform the interior sealants and then the exterior finish, so you’re not required to tear down the entire house. Some companies also offer basement waterproofing at no additional cost, as long as pipes are replaced and any holes dug are covered. The good news is that most companies provide an estimate of their work so that you can decide whether to opt for basement water service or not.


Basement Wall Protection Against Hydrostatic Pressure

There are several types of waterproofing products on the market for homes. One method is called hydrostatic pressure waterproofing. It’s done with a special spray that contains a specific combination of resins and lubricants. It seals the inside of basement walls, protecting against hydrostatic pressure. This method is effective but costly and must be repeated over many years.

The most commonly used interior basement waterproofing product is actually a high-pressure spray, which forces a layer of water-resistant foam between the interior basement wall and the exterior slab. The foam prevents water from penetrating the walls, which makes for super-effective protection. However, if leaks are severe, or if the house is in an area subject to hydrostatic pressure, it may be a better option to excavate and then seal with a specially designed exterior membrane. The cost of this treatment is somewhat similar to complete excavation and is typically performed on an annual basis.

Waterproofing Service to Deal with Old Home Moisture Issues

In older homes, waterproofing is not always easy. Old houses and structures have tiny cracks and porous surfaces that attract moisture easily. Over time, this attracts more moisture, which causes additional damage. These cracks and porous surfaces are also the perfect entry point for water damage, mold, and mildew. Even though older homes can suffer from leaks, there’s no way to tell when they may become problematic. Most leaks, however, occur in basements during the hot, dry summer months and in the winter when heating and cooling systems fail to function correctly. Even if you have an old home, you should get basement waterproofing services in Richmond. Expert contractors know how to waterproof your home, even when it has old structure.

Basement Waterproofing for Getting Protection Against Mold

One of the most common problems homeowners experience in the basement is mold growth and condensation. Even if you’ve taken steps to keep your basement dry, you may be encountering problems with dampness. If the ground around your home has absorbed a lot of water, you’ll likely find damp areas that are slightly warm. Damp areas often develop into moldy, thick places that are perfect for mold growth. The purpose of basement waterproofing service is to get rid of mold growth and keep your home healthy and safe.

An out-of-control Chinese space rocket approaches Earth


A space rocket, used to carry to its destination some of the parts of the future Chinese Space Station, is out of control on its return trip to Earth. Normally such spacecraft burn up as they cross the atmosphere and, in case whole fragments remain, trajectory calculations are made for them to fall into the ocean. But this time it is not known where this will happen.

Therefore, scientists are very attentive and hope to be able to give more data about its fate in the next few hours. In any case, they have also appealed for calm, assuring that it will most likely fall into the sea anyway. After all, the oceans occupy the largest area of our planet.

Long March 5B launch
The rocket is approaching Earth without control, although it is expected to be able to calculate the landing point 6 hours in advance

Scientists who are studying the case believe that being a very heavy object, 22 tons, could generate fragments that do not burn in its re-entry into the atmosphere. If these were to land in populated areas, they could cause material or even human damage. This is possible, but extremely unlikely.

Even so, scientists from the U.S. 18th Space Control Squadron are monitoring this re-entry. At the moment, it is known that it is flying at 27,600 kilometers per hour and that the landing will probably occur between May 8 and 12. Since most of the planet is covered with water, it will most likely land in it. But if it doesn’t, it could cause dangerous situations. In fact, as Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at Harvard University’s Center for Astrophysics, has told The Guardian, the last time such a space rocket was launched, several metal rods damaged buildings in the Ivory Coast on its return to Earth.

Given its trajectory, it is believed that the impact could occur anywhere in an area to the north of which are Madrid, New York and Beijing. On the other side, to the south, are southern Chile and the city of Wellington, New Zealand.

But there is no need to panic. As McDowell also explained, once the exact day of arrival is clear, scientists will be able to predict the location within 6 hours, enough time to carry out evacuations if necessary. We can rest assured.

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine confirmed to need a third booster dose


The vaccine developed by BioNTech and Pfizer, which is administered in two doses, will require a third dose after nine months, ideally up to twelve months – at the latest – from the second injection. A new dose will be needed to consolidate protection against the coronavirus.

This was explained by Dr. Ugur Sahin, co-founder of BioNTech, during a virtual meeting with accredited foreign correspondents in Germany. The possibility of a third prick had been anticipated weeks ago, but has finally been confirmed.

In addition, a new booster dose of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine will be needed every year or every eighteen months. “The protection gradually lessens over time,” he said during the meeting. “We have data indicating that at six months protection drops from 95% to 91%. At eight months the antibodies diminish, that’s why the third dose is necessary.”

The new normal will be to get vaccinated against coronavirus every year, just as we do against the flu, as there are indications that the immune response, both induced and natural, gradually declines, making us more vulnerable.

The possibility of a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine – and subsequent boosters – had already been advanced by Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla two weeks ago during an interview.

Pfizer will not be the only ones. Stephane Bancel, CEO and senior partner of Moderna told CNBC that they are already working on having booster doses in the fall of 2021 for their coronavirus vaccine. This would be prepared to offer a higher degree of immunity against new strains of the coronavirus. Especially the South African variant.

One of the good news regarding Pfizer’s mRNA-based coronavirus vaccines is that they will be much easier to modify and upgrade to perform better against new variants of the virus. Unlike viral vector vaccines, such as the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Another disadvantage of the latter is that the time between the first and second dose is longer and that it cannot be repeatedly vaccinated, since it could develop immunity against the adenovirus vector, which is as such the vehicle of administration of the dose.

Coup d’état in Burma, repression and risk of civil war


Burma is not getting back on its feet. The situation in the country since the military coup d’état of February 1 is getting worse as the days go by, and violence is increasing. The population, desperate, continues with daily protests, many of them peaceful, which end in all occasions with repression and assassinations by the army and the military junta in command, led by commander Min Aung Hlaing.

Total control of power is maintained by the army after the imprisonment of the leader Aung San Suu Kyi, one of the key persons in the democratic transition and in control of the government until the coup. The executive elected in the elections of November 2020 did not convince the military, who arrested a large part of them, thus initiating a new stage of dictatorship. However, the Burmese population is reluctant to accept it and it could lead to a situation similar to a civil war.

Burma coup detat 2021 protesters
The situation in the country since the military coup d’état of February 1 is getting worse as the days go by, and violence is increasing

This week, the UN special envoy to Burma (Myanmar), Christine Schraner Burgener, warned of the risk of a civil war and an “imminent bloodbath” in Burma by the coup army and asked the Security Council to consider “significant actions that could reverse the course of events” in this Asian country.

According to the Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners of Burma, since February 1, 510 people have died and 2,574 have been arrested in a country where respect for human rights is conspicuous by its absence.

The flows of people at the border with Thailand are increasing. This Monday about 2,000 people tried to cross the border to flee the army bombardment of their villages, with the unpleasant surprise that the Thai government has turned them back and refused to give them shelter.

After the escalation of tensions in recent weeks, the army has shown that it is not going to tremble and is ready to implement total repression on its population, and even to go as far as civil war.

How Could IT Downtime Be Impacting Your Business?


IT downtime is something that happens to most businesses at one time or another, but the impacts on your business can be enormous.

The obvious impacts are on customers trying to use websites and services supported by your IT infrastructure; however, there are other side effects of repeated downtime that you may not have considered.

Repeated downtime could affect your reputation

Winning over customers is something that businesses need to be working hard at all of the time if they want to succeed, and it doesn’t take a lot to send a customer running to one of your competitors.

Customers expect to be able to get the information that they need immediately, and if they go to your website ready to buy, only to find that they can’t, then they will go somewhere else. And not only this, they are likely to share their negative experience of your company with friends, which could mean that you lose customers that you never even knew about.

Imagine this happening every time you have system downtime, and you’ll see how important it is to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Lost sales

If you’re running an eCommerce business and you want to know how much revenue you’re losing as a result of downtime over a year, the calculation is relatively simple. Just take your yearly sales, divide that amount by the number of minutes in a year. This figure is the amount of revenue that you lose for every minute that your website is down.

A few years ago, Amazon’s site went down for 40 minutes, and it cost them approximately $5 million in losses. Not many sites are anywhere near as big as Amazon, but it’s a good way of illustrating just how damaging downtime can be.

Lost data

If you aren’t regularly running backups and employing systems to keep your data safe, downtime can have a serious impact because it can mean that you lose important data, including customer information.

It’s important to work with a qualified IT services provider to help you create strategies to minimize downtime and keep your data safe.

Lost productivity

Every time your network goes down, your employees can’t do their jobs, and you lose out as a result. It’s estimated that the average employee loses half an hour of productive work time per week as a result of IT downtime.

And that’s just the actual time that they can’t work. As we all know, if you’ve been interrupted from doing something, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to jump straight in from where you left off as soon as you’re able to!

Impacts on your employees

As well as lost productivity, IT downtime impacts your employees because they are the ones that have to deal with the fallout of customers experiencing poor customer service as a result.

Dealing with angry customers isn’t a lot of fun, and if IT downtime is causing a lot of irate calls into your business which your employees have to deal with, then sooner or later, they are going to have had enough of it and start looking for another job.

Government of Niger raises death toll in latest massacre to 137 (but those black lives DO NOT matter)


The Government of Niger raised to 137 the death toll in the massacre committed on Sunday in the region of Tahoua (bordering Mali), and also reported a large number of wounded, according to the balance issued Monday night.

The perpetrators of the massacre, which took place simultaneously in three villages in central Niger: Intazayane, Bakorate and Akifakif, where the attackers arrived on motorcycles and fired at point-blank range at their inhabitants, are still unknown. A military contingent managed to reach one of the three places attacked and there they engaged in a firefight with the attackers who were trying to retreat towards Mali.

Although there is no claim so far, all observers agree that the massacre has the “stamp” of other attacks perpetrated by the jihadists, active in this area thanks to their close proximity to their safe havens in neighboring Mali.

Last week, 58 farmers returning from a local market in Banibangou, Ouallam department, in the western region of Tillabéry, were coldly murdered in another similar attack, after intercepting on a road the three vehicles in which the farmers were returning.

The government has decreed a three-day official mourning period beginning this Tuesday.

Sunday’s massacre took place on the same day that the Constitutional Court of Niger proclaimed the victory of Mohamed Bazoum in the presidential elections of last February 21 with 55.66% of votes, ahead of his rival Mahamane Ousmane.

Miami Beach declares state of emergency for out-of-control spring break parties


Miami Beach was declared in a state of emergency this Saturday due to the large crowds that formed during spring break.

Thousands of partygoers clustered in the streets, without respecting the sanitary measures that recommend keeping two meters distance between people and always wearing masks, caused a curfew to be established from 8 p.m. onwards.

“At night, there is no doubt that it becomes a place that seems to be out of control,” acknowledged Dan Gelber, the mayor. “You see things that you realize shouldn’t happen and that no community should have to put up with.”

City Manager Raul Aquila claimed they were “overwhelmed” at the crowds that resembled a “rock concert.” “You couldn’t see the pavement and you couldn’t see the grass,” he said.

However, the restrictions didn’t stop the party from continuing this Saturday. Miami Beach Police had to go all out Saturday to try to break up the large groups of tourists partying in the street in defiance of the new curfew.

The police intervention resulted in pushing, shoving, running away and several arrests.

The limit for being on the street is 8 p.m., but at that hour, the Art Deco Historic District, one of the most popular and festive areas, quickly filled up with people celebrating Saturday night with alcohol and music.

Officers had to intervene to close the venues that remained open and disperse the crowd.