Sleeping woman

Left or right: why does it matter which side we choose to sleep on?

A restful and continuous sleep, without nocturnal awakenings, is essential to be rested during the day and thus maintain our performance and ability to concentrate. In this regard, when...

US House of Representatives takes first step towards regularisation of millions of immigrants

The US House of Representatives, controlled by President Joe Biden's Democrats, on Thursday approved two immigration reform bills to regularise nearly 4 million undocumented immigrants, mostly young people known...
Soft drinks in supermarket

Drinks with added sugars seriously harm your health

Consuming sugary drinks is one of the worst things we can do to our bodies, not just because of the calorie intake. Researchers at the University of Zurich found...
Perseverance on Mars

Perseverance lets us know what it sounds like to roll on Mars for the...

Ever since Perseverance landed and got underway, we've been keeping a close eye on what NASA's rover can tell us. We have already seen the first high-resolution photos and...
Rio de Janeiro

Brazil registers new record with more than 90,000 cases of COVID-19 in one day

Brazil recorded 90,303 Covid-19 infections on Wednesday, a new daily record, bringing the country's total to 11,693,3838 cases and confirming it as the current global epicentre of the pandemic. The...
Buyer taking off the card from the wallet

What are leads in marketing and how to generate them?

If you are very interested in digital marketing, and taking into account that it is becoming more and more trendy and more people are turning their businesses in that...