Clean a toaster

How to clean a toaster correctly?

One of the hardest working appliances in the kitchen is the toaster. Each slice that the appliance heats releases crumbs that, in the long run, hinder its operation. In...
Hypersonic missile launch

China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August

The Financial Times reports that China has tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile. According to this media, the launch took place in August and the device circled the Earth before...

China declares all cryptocurrency transactions illegal

The Central Bank of China has declared all transactions in cryptocurrencies illegal. It calls for their ban, increasing the pressure on the sector. It has so ruled in a...

Dixie’ wildfire now second largest in California history

The Dixie wildfire has now become the second largest in the history of California in the United States, having so far burned more than 187,000 hectares, leaving behind a...
Amazon Prime Air drone

Amazon Prime Air drones crash: more than 100 engineers laid off in ‘dysfunctional’ project

Amazon's dream seems to be going awry in the UK, where the Amazon Prime Air project has a complicated future. There, there have been more than 100 layoffs and...

Is Forex investment or a business?

Many people often wonder whether forex is an investment or a business. While there is no clear-cut answer because it depends on perspective. For a person who wants to...