Microsoft Lumia 435

Microsoft wants the entry level smartphone market and it’s doing it properly

The new Microsoft Lumia 435 is a correct step of Microsoft in the fight for the entry level smartphones market. While other companies are fighting around the integration of...
MH370 flight radius

The search for Malaysia airlines flight MH370

The mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has continued to haunt searchers – an international contingent of experienced rescuers and scientists who have been persistently seeking answers on behalf...
Apple app store

Apple store starts 2015 with record highs

Days of wine and roses in Cupertino. While iPad a Mac computers sales run smoothly, the new iPhone 6 gains market share and takes around 40% of the market....
Elder cyclist

Exercise helps you to age properly

As suspected, the key tips to grow old healthy are very simple: exercise and a reasonable diet. The more tests are made, the more evident is. This doesn't means...
Euro in Lithuania

Why Lithuania entered the eurozone now?

While Greece is near the exit door and the prophets of the doomsday are predicting the immediate collapse of the european currency, Lithuania enters the eurozone and sends the...

A prototype plant produces 500 daily litres of bioethanol from corn processing waste

Maybe you remember the scene of "Back to the future" when Doc refuels the DeLorean with some banana peels and other organic waste. Although the year 2015 is not...