Arms Trade Treaty

Another giant step with the new Arms Trade Treaty

Although most naysayers can think this is just another useless piece of paper the Arms Trade Treaty is another historic step of the Humankind in the same level of...
Training in cybersecurity

Can a simulator train in cybersecurity?

Researchers from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and the Universidad de Málaga (UMA) have collaborated with the consulting and technology company Indra on the development of a new...
Polar bear

Polar bears face starvation and later extinction

Polar bears are at serious risk. As their habitat is a constantly changing terrain between ice and thaw, the rising temperatures make disappear the sources of food. In a...
Investment gap in Europe

European Commission launches a plan to back to growth

Europe fears a stagnating economy and is looking for solutions to maintain the economical growth in the long term with a new plan based in infrastructures and increasing money's...
Strigamia maritima

Centipede startles scientists with its responses to evolutive threats

The recently revealed genome of Strigamia maritima, one of those scary centipedes we found in our houses (more or less startled) shows how the evolution responds with alternative responses...
Graduate girl by Symic

Advance Your Career with Postgraduate Studies

Time is the villain of every would-be student's story. Its demands are infinite. Its rewards are few, and balancing precious seconds between the classroom and the boardroom often seems...