A new study of more than half a million Americans shows just how skewed views of aging can be—particularly among young people—and how these views change over time. “…there’s a ton of people who have skewed perceptions about aging—mostly young adults…” The findings come as people are living longer thanContinue Reading

A little stress can be good for cellular health, find molecular biologists. The work will help researchers better understand the molecular mechanisms that drive aging and risk for age-associated degenerative diseases. In a genetic study of the transparent roundworm C. elegans, the research team found that signals from mildly stressedContinue Reading

Elder cyclist

As suspected, the key tips to grow old healthy are very simple: exercise and a reasonable diet. The more tests are made, the more evident is. This doesn’t means the ads of magical pills will disappear but puts on the table one more proof of the simplicity of the life.Continue Reading