Every kid loves Santa. They wait patiently the entire year for Santa to come and visit them with his reindeers and sleigh. They find him so magical and communicating with him would really be a fantastic experience. Writing a letter to him is not as easy as it may seem.Continue Reading

Rudolph’s glowing red nose may not be entirely the stuff of kids’ Christmas stories after all. Although reindeer noses aren’t typically red, or infused with enough light to guide a sleigh, Steve Farber, a professor of biology at Johns Hopkins University and principal investigator at the Carnegie Institution for Science,Continue Reading

This infographic will take you through the greatest Christmas adverts from the years 1996 to 2016, this infographic includes your favourite adverts such as the famous Coca Cola advert “The Holidays Are Coming” from 1996 and M&S’ advert “Not Just Christmas Food” from 2006. Please see the infographic for someContinue Reading