IT Security Experts work on different compute networks, which can be many industries such as defense, banking, and information technology. These people work on cloud computing, laptop or payment card industry. As we all know proverbs hold important knowledge and advise for all of us, one such proverb is “PracticesContinue Reading

  While every new generation of automobile technology brings new security risks, the vulnerabilities that come along with self-driving cars are unprecedented and understudied, a new paper suggests. Imagine the following scenarios: Instead of taking you home from work, your self-driving car delivers you to a desolate road, where itContinue Reading

  Researchers have discovered how to identify smartphones by examining just one photo taken by the device. The advancement opens the possibility of using smartphones—instead of FaceID or other biometrics—as a form of identification to deter cybercrime. “It’s kind of like matching bullets to a gun, only we’re matching photosContinue Reading

Training in cybersecurity

Researchers from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and the Universidad de Málaga (UMA) have collaborated with the consulting and technology company Indra on the development of a new advanced simulator of training in cybersecurity, a system that teaches users how to carry out computer forensics, prevent cyber attacks andContinue Reading