When trying to help a child lose weight, involving a parent in treatment makes the entire family healthier, a new study shows. Researchers tested a family-based treatment that included weekly meetings over a period of several months. Parents learned how to engineer a home environment that supported healthy eatingContinue Reading

People who structure their own systematic rules for eating—and stick to them regardless of feelings of hunger and fullness—are markedly better at keeping weight off compared to those who follow special diets or eat for pleasure and satiety, a small study suggests. “We see that people who are good atContinue Reading

One of the best things about calisthenics is that you don’t need overly expensive equipment to do it, and you don’t even have to go to the gym. In fact, this type of workout relies heavily on your own weight and your physical strength in order to provide an efficientContinue Reading

Recreational fishing is more than a hobby, it’s a valuable life skill. Survivalists make strong cases about why most people should learn to fish. It keeps you fed if you’re ever trapped in the wilderness. Fishing also helps calm you. Additionally, the fish themselves bring major health rewards to yourContinue Reading

We all know exercise has countless benefits – it reduces our risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, helps us maintain our young, tight physique, and improves our overall health and mood. Exercise should be a no-brainer for all of us, but oftentimes, life deals us a medical blow that putsContinue Reading

Summer is finally here, and there is something about all that light and fresh air that makes you feel like living a healthier lifestyle. With the sunshine as a motivator, it can be much easier to start making some of those small changes that can seriously improve your health. HereContinue Reading

Elder cyclist

As suspected, the key tips to grow old healthy are very simple: exercise and a reasonable diet. The more tests are made, the more evident is. This doesn’t means the ads of magical pills will disappear but puts on the table one more proof of the simplicity of the life.Continue Reading