Astronomers have discovered 11 new stellar streams—remnants of smaller galaxies torn apart and devoured by our Milky Way. The finding is among the highlights of the first three years of survey data from the Dark Energy Survey—research on about 400 million astronomical objects, including distant galaxies as well as starsContinue Reading

  Astronomers have discovered the most distant quasar ever known. Supermassive black holes lurk at the centers of many galaxies. While some—like the black hole at the center of our own Milky Way—live quiet lives, occasionally snacking on a star or two, others feed voraciously, consuming gas and stars andContinue Reading

Galaxies in a cluster roughly 300 million light years from Earth could contain as much as 100 times more dark matter than visible matter, according to an Australian study. The research, published today, used powerful computer simulations to study galaxies that have fallen into the Coma Cluster, one of theContinue Reading

Failed galaxy

For a galaxy, a lifespan of just a billion years y simply a failure. But if cars fail, men fail, countries fail and even entire planets fail, why a galaxy couldn’t fail too? A group of australian scientist discovered four galaxies which are doing it really bad and, as theyContinue Reading