Hacker-resistant software for controlling a power grid performed well in both a simulated cyber-intrusion and in a tryout in a real power plant, its developers say. Though the Honolulu power plant where the tryout occurred was not generating electricity at the time, the test achieved its goal of showing thatContinue Reading

  While every new generation of automobile technology brings new security risks, the vulnerabilities that come along with self-driving cars are unprecedented and understudied, a new paper suggests. Imagine the following scenarios: Instead of taking you home from work, your self-driving car delivers you to a desolate road, where itContinue Reading

  In certain cities, Amazon customers can opt for a new service—package delivery inside their homes while they’re away. The convenience has raised alarm about security and privacy hazards—and with good reason—say experts. To avoid porch pirates and nasty weather, Amazon Key uses a cloud computer system to operate aContinue Reading