When trying to help a child lose weight, involving a parent in treatment makes the entire family healthier, a new study shows. Researchers tested a family-based treatment that included weekly meetings over a period of several months. Parents learned how to engineer a home environment that supported healthy eatingContinue Reading

People who structure their own systematic rules for eating—and stick to them regardless of feelings of hunger and fullness—are markedly better at keeping weight off compared to those who follow special diets or eat for pleasure and satiety, a small study suggests. “We see that people who are good atContinue Reading

  One diet may not suit everybody, new research suggests. “Dietary advice, whether it comes from the United States government or some other organization, tends to be based on the theory that there is going to be one diet that will help everyone,” says David Threadgill, with the Texas A&MContinue Reading

Cinnamaldehyde, an essential oil that gives cinnamon its flavor, may improve metabolic health, researchers report. The ingredient induces fat cells, or adipocytes, to start burning energy through a process called thermogenesis, the research finds. Scientists had previously observed that cinnamaldehyde appeared to protect mice against obesity and hyperglycemia. But theContinue Reading

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Ingeborg Grønning, a researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has been studying a diary from an online weight loss forum that is open to comments from other weight loss forum participants. Certain posts receive more responses than others, she has found. Grønning chose to analyse theContinue Reading

190 million Americans share the luxuries of human life with their pets. Giving dogs and cats a place in human homes, beds and–sometimes even, their wills–comes with the family member package. Amongst these shared human-pet comforts is the unique luxury to overeat. As a result, the most common form ofContinue Reading