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  Social media use doesn’t negatively affect our social interactions or social well-being in a significant way, a new study reports. “The current assumption is that when people spend more time on apps like Facebook and Snapchat, the quality of their in-person social interactions decreases…” The adoption of new technologies,Continue Reading

  Although Instagram users have a variety of reasons for using the platform, the majority head to Instagram for social news and entertainment and are less likely to engage with political or controversial images, according to a new study. The study also identifies several strategies for increasing engagement with audiences.Continue Reading

There are more ways for businesses to connect with customers than ever before. Email, banner ads, social media; the options are virtually limitless. However, trying to determine which methods are the most effective for reaching your specific customers can be a challenge. If you’re having trouble trying to figure outContinue Reading

Through an examination of bot activity related to Russian political discussions, researchers have isolated the characteristics of Russian bots operating on Twitter. Their findings provide new insights into how Russian accounts influence online exchanges using bots, which are automated social media accounts, and trolls, which aim to provoke or disrupt.Continue Reading

Despite social media marketing’s effectiveness in the growth and development of many businesses, many other companies still aren’t quite convinced of its potential. While opting for the older, tried-and-true marketing strategies isn’t necessarily a bad thing, these antiquated methods are oftentimes inefficient in today’s modern and digital world. More oftenContinue Reading

The more time a young adult spends using social media, the more likely they are to feel socially isolated, say researchers. The findings of a new study suggest that use of social media doesn’t present a panacea to help reduce perceived social isolation—when a person lacks a sense of social belonging,Continue Reading