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Guest writers welcome!

Please READ CAREFULLY these policies below.

If, after reading these instructions, you still need to ask a question, you are not good enough to have a free guest post here.


1.- Real writers only
Include in your email message some links to your blog, Facebook or Linkedin profile, and other posts you wrote before, and a small bio including a recent picture of you. If you are a marketer, write about marketing; if you own a coffee store, write about coffee.
We want articles that show your own real experience, not rehashes of things you’ve read (and copied) on the Internet or spinned articles that have been published and republished hundreds of times already.

2.- 1,000 words posts of unique content
The content needs to be at least 1,000 words with no fluff. You can always make a post meatier by adding details and steps, so why not take an extra hour and write a better blog post? Take your own photos; posts with stock pictures will be rejected.

3.- Only posts you’d like to read
Do not send (once again) posts about how to create a business online or boring posts about ten places to visit in Europe (with only three lines on each place) or the classic “How to clean your house”. We like posts about details: how install and setup that wonderful plugin in your new website or your favorite Boston’s coffee shop.
And, remember, with your own photos.

4.- Content on current topics
We are very interested in articles about recent issues: the new app you just discovered, the last service closed by Google, the Madrid’s bakery you are now in love with or the concert you went last Saturday. Please, do not ask us what you should write about.
If you don’t know what to write about, open a newspaper website, check the topics you are an expert on, and write your own opinion about them. (If you do not have an opinion, you are not an expert: bye, have a nice day).

5.- Only useful links
You can add as many links as you like, as long as they enrich the post. It is possible that in the edition we will delete those we do not consider relevant.
You should also include a link in your bio so that readers can verify who is the author of the post.

6.- We want full ownership of the text
You transfer ownership of the text to us. You may not republish the text on any other website.

How to send the guest post

Once you get the post ready, send an email message to webmaster@theallineed.com with your personal info and the attached files (text and pictures) for your free guest post.

In seven days (usually same day or next one) you will receive a reply with the link to your post or the reasons of the rejection.

If you do not agree with these points, keep in mind this is a free service, so please do not waste your time … and ours.

(P.S.: just for “$5 outreach managers” and “$3 freelance posters”: this site has been online since 2002 and probably that shitpost you want to send has already been published and deleted several times here in all these years.)